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Grow the Lawn You've Always Wanted

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About Wicked Green Lawn Consulting

Helicopter Parenting for your Lawn

What started as a hobby, turned into an obsession, and my wife then needed me to talk to someone else about their lawn. Anyone else. 

I'm a homeowner, a dad, a lawn consultant, and I can help you get that lawn wicked green! If you're ready to learn your lawn, listen to the grass blades, and start a healthy obsession with random weed identification and appropriate mower blade height, let's chat. I can come stand in your lawn, with or without a beer, and point at random things for a while. And soon, you'll realize that wasn't random, and you'll be well on your way to the greenest lawn in the neighborhood. Except that guy, Stu, who spray paints it... Trugreen will have nothing on you!

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